CD/ Flash Magazines

Distribute your annual reports, portfolios, instructional literature, or catalogues digitally. It is interactive, cheap, and easily updateable. We can even make your CD-ROM application communicate with an internet-based database for real-time, accurate information. This is the epitome of what the information age is all about. We will even design the CD print, and sleeve.

See our portfolio sample
See our CD print & sleeve sample

Flash Presentations

If you are introducing a new concept of product, or marketing your current ones; try a multimedia presentation that will create an impact and increase the recall of your presentation. Studies show that sound combined with moving visuals, greatly increase recall; and it is recall that multiplies sales.

Flash E-mail Attachments

If you are marketing via e-mail, chances are your mail is trashed even before it is read. Get your target market to read and keep your e-mail by attaching compelling animated messages. If you can’t get your potential clients to even read your e-mail then it might be time to try something new.