Web Design & Development

Allow us to assist you plan, organize, and design a website which we will develop. We are purists so we optimize everything so that all the files are as small as possible and your website gets downloaded faster. We can do your website either in HTML or in Flash.

Database Integration

Integrate your website with a database to provides your visitors with dynamic, interactive, accurate andreal-time information. When visitors are given control of what they want to see, this increases the chances that they will come back again and again.

We will create a simple system so you can update the website yourself. It will be just like applying for a new email on yahoo or gmail. We will even teach you how to use it.


Branch offices are no longer needed to reach markets that are geographically distant: let an e-commerce website expand your business globally.Convert your website into an on-line store front that can receive orders and credit card payments 24-hours a day; seven days a week.

Flash Animation

Jazz up your website with Flash navigation or Flash banners. By adding Flash animation on your website, you can entice visitors to stay longer, and increase the chances of them reading more about your products and services.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Your website will need an address and a host. Let us do the dirty work in securing the address and setting up the host for you. Our hosting services comes with unlimited e-mail addresses.